Rules and Regulations

1. ONE family per campsite (mother, father and four of your own dependant unmarried children 18 yrs. and under excluding nieces, nephews, grandparents, friends, etc. These are extra persons.) Limit one car per site.

2. NO tents allowed on seasonal sites.

3. GUESTS - $2.50 per day or any part thereof per person or $3.50 if staying overnight with you. Anyone staying on your site when you are not there will pay regular camping fee. Guests must register at the office, campers are responsible for thier guests registering at the office on arrival or it may affect the leasing of your lot.

4. DOGS - must be kept on leashes at all times and not bark to excess. No dogs allowed in swimming or playground area. These areas are for people, we have 100 acres to walk your dog. Campers with dogs must carry a pooper scooper with them when taking dogs for a walk.

5. FENCES - Crossing any fence line means you are trespassing on private land, stay within the 100 acre boundaries of the park. Use road and walkway accesses only not other peoples lots.

6. TREES - Any cutting, trimming or general abuse of any trees in the park will be dealt with extreme severity. Please obtain a permission form if you plan to do any of this.

7. CONSTRUCTION - of patios, fireplaces or any other changes to the site, must be approved by management.

8. CARE - Sites must be kept neat and tidy, structures maintained and painted, wood neatly stacked at the BACK of site, grass kept cut. Please think of your neighbors as most campers do in the park. This is your responsibility or you may be asked to leave. Take care of our washrooms, grounds and camp facilities, the camp is for all of us to share and enjoy. Small children are not to be in restroom unless supervised by an adult.

9. GARBAGE - Garbage is picked up on Sunday. Plastic bags must be used for garbage. There are blue recycle bins at the entrance to the park please deposit recyclable materials in them when you are leaving.

10. CHILDREN - Must be supervised at all times. Parents or guardians shall be responsible for all damage caused by thier children. 18 years and under curfew 12:00 am. They should be at their own site and not wandering around the park after curfew.

11. NOISE - Restpect the rights of others. Avoid excessive or boisterous noise. This means children also. Play your music etc. softly at all times. QUIET TIME is between 12:00 am. and 8:00 am.

12. ALCOHOLIC - beverages should be in plastic containers. No bottles are to be carried around the park.

13. WASHING - of vehicles or trailers in park is not allowed.

14. MOTORCYCLES - or mini bikes are not to be ridden in campground.

15. SPEED - Please observe the 10 km / 5 miles per hour speed limit. Watch out for children.

16. REGISTRATION - of all seasonal campers and extra persons. Ages and birthdates required for children.

17. VEHICLES - All vehicle license plates must be recorded in our records.

18. RENTING - trailers or allowing others to use your trailer is not allowed, unless we are notified. Regular site rate is applicable when owner is not presesnt.

19. FOR SALE - No recreational vehicle shall be advertised for sale in the park. Items for sale must be listed at front office.

20. ASSIGNMENT - This agreement shall be signed by camper and management and is not assignable to anyone else. Use of the site and park must be approved by management.

21. INSURANCE - It is understood that each camper will have their own insurance, covering trailer, contents, etc. for loss or damage through fire, theft, collision, vandelism or otherwise, for 12 months of the year - and obsolves Conestoga Family Campgrounds of any responsibility.

22. LIEN - In the event that I am in default under this agreement whether in payment of rent or breach of any other term, then the owner will have the following rights: (a) The right to have a lien on my goods and chattels for all rent and other charges due including additional rent.

23. TAXES - In the event that there shall be any taxes levied or assessments on any equipment, fixtures, improvements, permanent or temporary furnishings or other goods left on the site or erected on the site by me including any taxes on the site itself as a result, I will pay and be responsible for any such taxes or assessments.